Welcome to St Crispin’s School

2018 Independent Schools Inspectorate

We are very proud to announce that St. Crispin’s School scored full marks in every category during our inspection. Gaining full marks during our inspection is an amazing achievement; this confirms St. Crispin’s place as one of the top independent schools for inspection achievements in the country.

In all areas of the inspection St. Crispin’s School achieved full marks, which is an amazing feat. We were honoured and excited during the inspection to showcase our students’ amazing work ethic and attitude. It is rare to have an outside view on what we achieve within the school and were pleased that we could show these achievements off to their full potential to the Inspectors. The Inspectors clearly saw the vision of the school and appreciated the pupil focus and the extra lengths we go to support our students on a continual basis. St Crispin’s school has now proven itself as a leading educational facility that has the focus of the pupil at its core.

We would like to thank all the pupils, parents, and teachers, as the success of any inspection is a collective effort. Pupils contributed to the inspection outcome through their desire to work and stretch themselves to find their full potential, while teachers worked hard to encourage all pupils of all abilities and use a variety of teaching methods to engage everyone.

The Inspection clearly saw our School Ethos, that every child can realise their full potential and every child matters to us, shine through.

Kind regards,

Andrew Atkin
Head Master

GCSE Results for St Crispin’s School

Below is the breakdown of results for the School in 2017:

83% A* to C/9 to 4 in all subjects including English, Maths and Science
100% 9 to 4 in English Literature
100% A* to C in Biology
100% A* to C in Chemistry
100% A* to C in Physics
100% A* to C in Additional Science
100% A* to C in Art & Design
100% A* to C in Textiles
100% A* to C in RS
100% A* to C in Arabic
100% A* to C in Computer Science
100% A* to C in Economics
100% A* to C in German
92% 9 to 4 in Maths
75% 9 to 4 in English Language

The School

St Crispin’s is more than just a school; generations of families have been, and continue to be part of St Crispin’s school.
St. Crispin’s School is situated in the conservation area of the Stoneygate district of Leicester, in two large Victorian houses overlooking Victoria Park, opposite the world renowned University of Leicester. Facing the historic St. Mary’s Triangle, the school enjoys a quiet, tranquil area, rich in history, within one of the UK’s most multi-cultural and exciting cities, Leicester.

Our motto, “Respice Finem” or “Look to the End”, reminds us that the decisions we make now, echo beyond us. We are encouraged to consider the results of our actions, realise our potential and work hard to do our best and to be our best selves. We promote the desire to work hard, a code of consideration for others, self-discipline, the art of friendly competition and the spirit of community life. “Respice Finem” summarises the ultimate aim of the School; we endeavour to ensure that by the time pupils leave St Crispin’s School, they are well prepared for their life ahead.

Schools provide a stepping stone to the future. We will always help each individual, developing their potential, building resilience and learning to overcome the barriers in life. Our small class sizes, together with our curriculum ensures that all our children reach for the stars.

Our Offering

We offer a full GCSE curriculum that you can adjust and tailor to your child’s needs as well as Functional Skills, to those students that are passionate about learning.

A generous and full sporting curriculum is available throughout the school; including football, rugby, netball, rounders, athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, tennis and swimming. Health and fitness is essential to our wellbeing, therefore lesson time is spent developing both the theoretical and practical sides of fitness.

Ethos and Vision Statement

  1. Realise our full potential.
  2. To consider the results of our actions.
  3. Have a spirit of community life.
  4. Understand the art of friendly competition.