United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.

St Crispin’s school are entering the Team Maths Challenge (TMC). This is a competition which gives pupils the opportunity to tackle a variety of engaging mathematical activities while developing teamwork and communication skills.

In the competition there are several rounds:
Group Round
Teams work to solve ten questions of varying type and difficulty in the time allowed. Each team must decide their own strategy: whether to work in pairs, individually or as a team.
Similar to a crossword but with numerical answers. Teams work in pairs; one pair has the across clues and the other pair has the down clues. The pairs work independently to complete the grid using logic and deduction.
Teams compete against the clock to correctly answer a series of four questions. Each team is divided into Pair A (given Questions 1 and 3) and Pair B (given Questions 2 and 4). Question 1 can be solved independently of the others, but the answer to each subsequent question is dependent on the previous answer, referred to as T in Questions 2, 3 and 4 (e.g. “T is the number that you will receive.”).
Teams split off into pairs, with pairs taking it in turns to solve problems. This round involves lots of movement as well as mathematics: a race against the clock with lots of lively activity and excitement.

Good luck Crispin’s!

Geography Field Studies Council

On a cold, wet and windy January morning, an exclusive set of geographers set out to conduct their first steps in investigative adventures.

Year 9 and 10 students took part in an engaging and challenging three days of fieldwork at the Field Studies Council near Shrewsbury. Students were treated by expert tuition, beautiful locations and undertook two separate fieldwork investigations, looking at dynamic urban environments and river processes.
Student’s behaved impeccably, and their learning efforts were praised by both tutors and peers alike. Although the weather was chilly, the hot chocolate wasn’t, and student’s returned to school with many happy tales and memories.

Active Kids 2017 is back.


With your help, we’d love to try and encourage even more of our kids to eat well, move well and live well this year. Spread the word, encourage people in your community to collect and donate as many vouchers as possible. Our collection point is in the reception of St Crispin’s school. Please bring us your vouchers!


Dear Parents

Welcome Back!  I hope you have had an enjoyable holiday.  The children have certainly had lots of exciting stories to share.

Welcome to our new pupils and their families who are settling in well.  We wish all our new families a special St Crispin’s school welcome, and we hope they will continue to enjoy their time at School.  We look forward to working with you. I know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning, and a determination to be the best person they can be. Your children are your most important gift, treasure them, help them, guide them and support them – this time is crucial so do it now.  Start this new term with this commitment.  We in school will do everything we can to help your child to do their best.  Let us know if we can support you in any way.  Remember we operate an open-door policy – feel free to book an appointment with your child’s class teacher/teaching assistant if you have concerns or need support, help or advice.

As you know we are a values school and we endeavour to ensure that all learners show respect for everything (friends, adults, property) and we constantly remind learners of the values that underpin our every action.  We as a school will continue to support you in our actions, beliefs and ethos.

Christmas Week

We have an exciting Christmas Week planned for students and staff for the last week of term. Lessons will take on a ‘cross-curricular’ aspect, with learning looking at celebrations across the world, and from different religious and cultural heritage. We will be examining the cost of festive shopping, gaining history lessons from World War 1, performing in the school concert, donating to local causes, playing football re-enacting the Christmas Truce of 1914 (and much more besides!) and hopefully seeing a very, very special VIP visitor!

All parents (Foundation 2 – Year 11) are invited to the Christmas Concert on the 8th of December at St James the Greater on London road (2pm until 4.30pm). This venue is in walking distance of the school making collection and bus travel easier. You will be treated to performances from pupils, alongside gaining the opportunity to buy Christmas cards made by our amazing pupils. Don’t forget to wrap up warm and be prepared for an amazing Christmas week for all,  here at St. Crispin’s.

Rewards Trip

At the end of this term we will hold our termly St Crispin’s Head’s Rewards Trip. Student’s who have demonstrated a positive work ethos or made exceptional progress will be nominated by staff. Our outing will be to the Leicester Roller Disco. This will be selected using the voice of the school council. We hope that students will work hard this term to make it even harder to choose the winners for the Autumn term (Friday 2nd December 2016).

Anti-Bullying Week – 14th – 18th November

Anti-Bullying week in an opportunity to shine the spotlight on bullying and encourage all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying. Lessons will be conducted in house during the course of this week. Students will participate in specially conducted lessons and activities.

Curriculum updates

This year, we have our expanded our team of highly skilled and dedicated staff, and are now able to offer a number of new subjects. St Crispin’s school is delighted to introduce Religious Studies (G.C.S.E.) Economics (G.C.S.E.) Computing (G.C.S.E.) and Mandarin (Year 3 – 11).

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

We are pleased to announce that we have once more supported Macmillan, through our coffee morning on the 30th of September. This year’s event was thoroughly enjoyable and a lot of money was raised. This was in large part thanks to the amazing baking skills of a number of our parents, who demonstrated such irresistible culinary excellence that a number of staff and parents, just had to go back for one more slice! This year we  raised £190! Thank you so much for all you support, raising money for this worthy cause.

Over the years we have raised more than £9000 !!!!!!!!!!   Truly Amazing !!!!

The School Fete

Thank you for all those that came to support our budding entrepreneurs. We had some fantastically creative stalls. It was so nice to see so many happy faces and to see the students having so much success with in the world of business. The students have decided to have bouldering / climbing grips in the playground with the money that was raised. A full breakdown of the funds raised will be posted in the website. Congratulations to all of our budding entrepreneurs, we thought you were amazing (thank you to our parents for their kindness, energy, enthusiasm and compassion.)

You raised £700!!!!  AMAZING !!!!!