Welcome to St Crispin’s School

St Crispin’s is more than just a school; generations of families have been, and continue to be part of St Crispin’s school.
St. Crispin’s School is situated in the conservation area of the Stoneygate district of Leicester, in two large Victorian houses overlooking Victoria Park, opposite the world renowned University of Leicester. Facing the historic St. Mary’s Triangle, the school enjoys a quiet, tranquil area, rich in history, within one of the UK’s most multi-cultural and exciting cities, Leicester.

Our school motto, “Respice Finem” or “Look to the End”, reminds us that the decisions we make now, echo beyond us. We are encouraged to consider the results of our actions, realise our potential and work hard to do our best and to be our best selves.
At St Crispin’s, we promote the desire to work hard, a code of consideration for others, self-discipline, the art of friendly competition and the spirit of community life.

Ethos and Vision Statement:

  1. To realise our full potential.
  2. To consider the results of our actions.
  3. To have a spirit of community life.
  4. To understand the art of friendly competition.